About me

Esther Brensing's interest in art and design has always been present – the balance of shape and colour, light and dark in almost every aspect of life. A City and Guild fashion course in London exploited her creativity extensively in various mediums such as simple printmaking, pastels, fabric appliqué stitching, stencils, quilting and collages. This eventually led her to explore the skill of watercolour at Morley College, London. She immediately loved the unique character of this medium, how it can be allowed to develop into fascinating shapes and colours and yet, with the help of the artist’s eye, be guided to portray the essence of an object, flower or other being. In her view no other medium can achieve the same transparency, clarity and subtlety of colour. The different types of watercolour paper add to the variety of expression. Her loose, semi representational works have attracted a growing following as a result of successful solo exhibitions in her own gallery space and an increasing number of private commissions. She has also exhibited at Morley College and in the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath. Esther now lives in North Wiltshire with her husband and dog.